Brian Flanagan

Brian founded MARS (an acronym for Midwest Asbestos Removal Services) in 1984. It began as an asbestos abatement remediation contractor in Chicago. MARS Environmental Solutions was added in 1987 to focus on bioremediations of soil and underground storage tank removal. In 1990, MARS Equities was created to purchase environmentally tainted Class A real estate. Since the mid 90's, MARS has continued to invest in real estate, developing and managing numerous projects for their own account. Seeking diversifications, MARS began buying platform businesses in various industries to build mid-sized operating companies.

Luana McNaughton

Chief Financial Officer
Luana joined Mars in July 2002 and added over a decade of experience in accounting, finance, HR & benefits, and property and casualty insurance to the Mars team. Luana has been involved in most of Mars’ diversified investments. In commercial real estate she has been engaged from the development phase of a building(s), to stabilization, and finally, to disposition. In business acquisitions, she has participated in the due diligence phase and assisted when needed throughout the life of that investment. Luana’s rock star contributions include strategizing, value engineering cost savings, and analyzing new investment opportunities.

Mark Merman

Mark joined MARS in 1993. Mark has worked with and assisted Brian Flanagan in the acquisitions of Real Estate and Operating Companies in the MARS portfolio. In addition, Mark is responsible for the tax planning and tax filing compliance of the various companies within the MARS group. Prior to joining MARS Mark worked for the Gillette Company as a senior accountant and Coopers & Lybrand an international accounting firm as a Tax Manager. Mark has his undergraduate in accounting from Lewis University and a Master’s in Taxation from DePaul University. Mark works closely with the entire MARS Real Estate team and serves as a member of the Board of MARS operating company investments.

Harriet Basiorka

Property Manager
Harriet joined Mars in August of 2016. With an experienced background in sales, management and customer services she was an excellent candidate for our property management division. Because during her interview she aced the owner's question. of "what does the word 'no' mean to you" she immediately joined our team. Harriet has been graduating through our rigorous in-house training program to become a Property Manager. Along the way she has volunteered for special projects to manage and in doing so has earned her the very appropriate title of "Special Agent H". Harriet is a licensed Real Estate Broker and was promoted to Property Manager of Mars in February of 2020.

Ann Koch

Property Accountant
Ann Koch has over 30 years of accounting experience in a variety of fields. Ann joined the Mars2 team over nine years ago and has been an asset since day one. Ann provides a tenant focus approach as she is responsible for all aspects of property accounting for the Mars portfolio and those of our clients.

Pegi Baird

Executive Assistant
Prior to joining Mars2 LLC in July of 2021, Pegi was the Personal Executive Assistant to John Melk giving him great support in extremely active and varied enterprises. Along with his business partner, Wayne Huizenga, Mr. Melk founded Waste Management Corporation and Blockbuster Entertainment Corporation, and the start-up and operation of H20 Plus, LLC. During the time Pegi worked for Mr. Melk, he was involved in the purchase of Fisher Island, the exclusive Island off Miami Beach, FL, various real estate developments in the City of Chicago, and the purchase of four private islands in the Caribbean. Additionally, Pegi assisted the Land Development Group at Pasquinelli Real Estate, was the Personal Executive Assistant to Robert Sheridan, Chairman of RS&P Property Group, a residential real estate company, and she was the Office Manager at the law firm of Odelson, Sosin and Roche. Her actions have contributed to improved and innovative work practices. She is a solid performer, who highly organizes her time and workload effectively. Joining the “H Team” at Mars assisting Harriet Basiorka, she will continue to prove herself invaluable, as she looks forward to a great future at Mars2 LLC.

Frank Janke

Head of Maintenance
Frank Janke has been a key player of the Mars team for the last 18 years. Frank is the head of maintenance and grounds of all buildings in the Mars Portfolio. We can say Frank knows our buildings inside and out, especially since he was there as they were constructed from the ground up. He is always hands-on and ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. Frank is “The Macgyver” of the team and our tenants love him!