Mars 2, llc

MARS 2, LLC is a diversified investor, focused on acquiring and building organizations with long-term expectations of creating sustainable equity value over time.

While the Principals of MARS 2 have built successful companies with significant investment and operational experience, we empower our management with independence by providing resources and expertise to grow.

MARS 2 directly or indirectly manages over 30 investments in several key areas: real estate development and management, heating ventilation and cooling distribution, medical staffing, hotels and outdoor media. But we are more than a collection of successful investments; each has new venture has been carefully chosen to play a vital role within the company. The Principals of MARS 2 draw upon decades of varied experience to identify well-defined opportunities for future growth. A key advantage of MARS 2 has been its ability to meld diverse affiliates into one corporate whole – still allowing each the autonomy to move independently and act decisively.

MARS 2 seeks companies that have the potential for above-grade growth through either acquisition or internal growth opportunities.